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We dreamed of having our own business, working with the people we love most, and raising entrepreneurs. – Hal & Melanie Young, Raising Real Men

How About You?

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Family Business Greenhouse Will Help!

Do you want to strike out on your own (or teach your children how to)? Imagine sitting down with a family that has done it. Imagine them mentoring you as you think through your ideas and write a business plans. Imagine being able to ask all those questions flying around in your mind. You can do it! Family Business Greenhouse Pinnable Family Business Greenhouse is a series of three LIVE, INTERACTIVE training courses that will put a mentor by your side, not just as you learn how to start a business, but as you actually do it. Our courses put an experienced entrepreneur family right in your living room to help you get started. Our program consists of three five-week webinar series.
  • Sprout: Getting Started We will help you take your ideas, put them into a workable plan, and even launch your business in 5 weeks.
  • Harvest: Making Money We will talk about the steps to take in establishing an ethical, profitable business, how to use your time and money wisely both with your life and business.
  • Flourish: Keeping It Up We will do planning and forecasting, focusing on points of growth and opportunity.

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The Priddys
Meet the Hosts Your mentors are Philip and Carroll Sue Priddy, experienced entrepreneurs and teachers. Philip and Carroll Sue are funny, approachable and real! You (and your children, too!) will love listening to their tried and proven advice and putting it into action. Read more about them here.

Family Business Greenhouse I: Sprout – Getting Your Business Started

How do you tell if your business idea is a good one? Once you have an idea, what’s next? How do you start off right? 

How do you write a business plan? What do you need to know to launch a business? What kind of timetable should you have? 

How do you set your prices? How do you even know what you need to know?

Here’s help!

The first course in the Family Business Greenhouse program includes five LIVE, INTERACTIVE webinar sessions to mentor you in business brainstorming, planning, and launch for your very own business, no matter what you want to do – service, product, wholesale, retail – whatever!

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Price: $39.00


Family Business Greenhouse II: Harvest – Making Money

Can you make enough money to do this for a living?

Can your family business be your day job? How can you pay the bills?

How can you trust the Lord in dry times? How can you keep your perspective in good times?

Here’s Help!

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Price: $65.00


Family Business Greenhouse III: Flourish – Help Your Business Grow and Last

Starting a business can be overwhelming. The hours get long and there’s no overtime, either.

Whether your running a restaurant or a publishing business, you have to think long term.

How can you build a business that is sustainable over the years?

How can you balance business and life so your family doesn’t get resentful, but gets closer – and has more fun?

Here’s Help!

In the third course in the Family Business Greenhouse series, we’ll be talking about forecasting, marketing and business expansion – while keeping your family first!

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Price: $65.00


The Complete Family Business Greenhouse Program

Get real life mentors to help you take your business from a twinkle in your eye to a flourishing business.


Family Business Greenhouse I: Sprout – Getting Your Business Started

Family Business Greenhouse II: Harvest – Making Money in Your Business

Family Business Greenhouse III: Flourish – Helping your Business Grow and Last

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Seats are Limited, so we reserve the right to refund your money or transfer it to a future session (your decision which).

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ! By registering for any Family Business Greenhouse event, I agree to keep the business ideas of my fellow attendees and the instructors confidential (not sharing them outside of the class at all), as well as agreeing not to take their business idea and use as my own without the originator’s permission.

Price: $135.00